LinkedIn Stories: How To Use Them to Improve Engagement

LinkedIn Stories: How To Use Them to Improve Engagement

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Stories on LinkedIn are a new feature of this social network, designed for professional and professional 'connections'. Find out how to exploit all the potential for promoting your business.
Just another engagement tool ? Not exactly. Every implementation on the most popular social networks deserves the attention of those who use digital marketing for promotion. Concept that also applies to LinkedIn Stories , the latest additions to the "temporary videos" category after their success on other platforms such as Instagram , Facebook and Snapchat.

LinkedIn Stories: what they are and how they are born

Although still in the experimental phase, or in beta test to use technical jargon, LinkedIn Stories are already attracting the attention of those involved in digital marketing. In fact, it is interesting to know what change such an informal and ephemeral format will bring on a professional platform such as LinkedIn. 
But why did this social network, dedicated to the world of work, decide to follow in the footsteps of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook by inserting the "stories" functionality inside?
Because videos accompanied by effects and short texts, lasting 24 hours, significantly increase the engagement rate . This is confirmed by an authoritative source, namely the senior director of LinkedIn product management, Pete Davies: “ For more than a year we have been testing the stories in a professional context, such as that of our platform. 
We believe it can be a tool to share user content in a lighter way . The Stories encourage conversations and stimulate engagement, so much so that a recent study has highlighted that the major influencers since 2016 are posting a third less on their feeds ".
Further developments are expected in the coming months, when it will be understood if and how it will be possible to insert the Ads in the new format and if this functionality will be extended to both personal profiles and company pages.
Stories LinkedIn: how to use them in digital marketing
So let's see how to effectively exploit the engagement potential to establish a solid connection with your audience, which can be converted into a marketing action. Here are three tips for building an engaging LinkedIn Story :
Authoritative " snackable " content : on LinkedIn the most successful profiles are those that show authority and leadership in their professional sector. Stories can therefore be an excellent vehicle for showing your knowledge in an engaging way. Remember, however, that in order to be effective, the contents must be suitable for this fast format, in fact we speak of snackable content to indicate videos, texts, images that are 'easy to digest' and light.
Real time content : Stories on LinkedIn are perfect for sharing short updates in real time. Live events, 'windows' on corporate life, direct stories to your audience of strategic speakers etc. they are all examples of the possible use of this function.
Play in advance : in this initial phase of experimentation, being among the first to 'test' LinkedIn Stories can be an advantage. Try to share - in a quick and light format - the main updates on your brand and your business, even if you have already published a good post on your LinkedIn profile .

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